Meat Slicer VA 802 H
  • Meat Slicer VA 802 H

Meat Slicer VA 802 H, Ø 300


Get ready to be blown away by the incredible features of this slicer! With a sleek and low overall design, this machine comes in different models with varying carriage lengths and conveyor belts to suit your needs.

Experience the ease of automatic placement with a paddle made of special stainless spring steel and a transport chain with patented stainless steel chain links. Perfect for large kitchens, industrial manufacturing, or catering, this fully-automatic slicer is available with or without a conveyor belt.

The intuitive control panel boasts a drip-proof membrane keypad, while the free-running, smooth, hard chromium-plated full-steel blade with a diameter of 300mm promises a consistent, clean cut every time. Plus, the maintenance-free motor with an air cooling system allows for continuous operation.

Thanks to its narrow blade sheath and closed blade cover plate, friction is kept to a minimum, resulting in an exceptional gliding motion and precise cuts. You can even stack up to 4 trays with this machine, with lengthways and cross compartments variable up to 4 rows, and a round tray for added convenience.

Upgrade your slicing game and experience the power of this top-of-the-line slicer!


Cleaning: the carriage can be folded down

Color: No color

Exterior dimensions: 600 x 880 x 500 mm

Workspace: 700 x 900 x 640 mm

Motor power: 500 Watt/ 230 V ~ alternating or 400 V ~ three phase

Slicing length: 250 mm

Operating period: continious run

Emission noise level: < 69 dBA

Blade speed: 229 U/min

Blade (Ø mm): 300 mm

Slice thickness: 0,5 - 10 mm

Weight: 69 kg

Footprint: 540 x 440 mm

Accessiores: robust cleaning brush removable, 2-disc blade sharpener and special oil

Item no: VA 802 H

EAN: VA 802 H

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