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Ice machine Simag SCE20

Reduced dimensions and an optimum ratio between ice production and bin capacity allows you to position the ice machine exactly near the station, where the ice is needed. Ice storage container will ensure there'll always be enough of supply when you need it most!

Ice machine Simag SDE18

Simag ice machines are created for everyday commercial use in demanding professional environments like restaurants, bars, cafeterias, hotels, shops, supermarkets etc. 

Ice machine Simag SCE30

With its optimal reduced size, the Simag equipment has an impressive output, making it an amazing choice for bars, pubs and food courts with limited space.

Ice machine Simag SDE24

Ice machines have many applications in hospitality and food industry:

  • Make ice cubes to serve refreshing drinks during the hottest days and nights in a bar, café or restaurant; 
  • Keep the food chilled at the supermarket counter; 
  • Maintain freshness of the whole, raw fruits or vegetables; cut, raw vegetables such as celery or carrot sticks or cut potatoes. 
Ice machine Simag SCE40

Thanks to the well-built stainless-steel bodywork, Simag commercial ice machines are incredibly durable and easy to clean. The ice machine includes a built-in cleaning system, reducing down-times and ensuring every block of ice made is hygienic and safe for consumption.

Ice machine Simag SDE30

Simag industrial ice makers are built for day-after-day operation in the most demanding conditions. Make clean, fresh, clear ice crystals for refreshing drinks throughout the day or to keep the food chilled during transportation.