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Food blender LAR-04MB-HD

With its stainless steel cup and overlid, Skymsen's blender is suitable for processing hot ingredients and allows for easy addition of ingredients during the blending process.

Turbo Liquidiser TRX-22
  • Turbo-blender designed to work in up to 800 litre / 130 gal. bowls.
  • For mixing and liquidising directly in the pot or pan for making consommés, soups, omelettes, mayonnaise, etc.
  • Designed for large yields and for frequent use and cleaning, ideal for kitchens with a large production and the food industry.
  • 2-Speed model.
Food blender LAR-08MB-HD

The tilting cup system and stainless steel blade and shaft, coupled with a sealing system and hexagonal coupling, make Skymsen's blender safe, durable, and easy to operate.

Food blender LAR-10MB-HD

Ideal for use in markets, bakeries, hospitals, hotels, and other commercial settings, Skymsen's blender requires no operator effort and is easy to handle and practical.