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Meat Slicers

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Meat slicer MONDIAL 300
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Meat slicer MONDIAL 300, Ø 300 mm

Ideal professional slicer for delicatessen, supermarkets and large size kitchens.

Anticorrosive and anodized aluminium casting construction: sturdy and light weight.

Multygrip belt drive.

Powerful and noiseless motor.

Slice thickness 30 mm.

Meat slicer RB 220 CE
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Meat slicer RB 220 CE, Ø 220 mm

This high-quality slicer is ideal for small establishments that offer freshly sliced products. It includes a built-in sharpener and is made of durable, anti-corrosive, anodized aluminum casting construction. Additionally, it meets the strictest hygiene standards.