How to build a solid foundation of successful business in the hospitality industry 

- Find a trusted expert to design an original and innovative kitchen project that is aligned with your business goals;

- Get customized professional kitchen equipment to bring the best out of your kitchen space regardless its size;

- Get the mind-blowing design project for your restaurant kitchen to increase the performance of your chefs. The potential is hidden where you haven't been expecting to find it;

- Find the best supplier of commercial kitchen equipment to ensure you have the latest technical solutions from iconic brands such as Lotus, Sammic, Skymsen, Italforni, Junex, Unox, Berner, Elframo, Fiamma, Graef, Grelhaço, Gresilva, Hendi, Magnus among others;

- Build long-lasting partnerships with your restaurant development partner, to whom you can reach out any day any time for kitchen equipment technical support.

This is your lucky day because you will find all of the above at INOVOX. We sell professional kitchen and hotel equipment and develop technical projects for restaurants and hotels since 2007.

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If you are looking for a hotel equipment supplier or a trusted partner to buy professional equipment for a restaurant, we are here for you. We not only offer a range of commercial equipment for restaurant, hotel, pastry, pizzeria, gelateria, as well as industrial dishwashers and washing machines but also provide full restaurant project development and technical assistance. 

We offer a full variety of commercial food industry equipment from trusted brands that you might need, such as Lotus cookers and ovens, Elframo dishwashers, Italforni stoves, Junex stoves, Gresilva grills, Grilvapor grills, Sammic meat grinders, Skymsen potato peeling machines, Berner induction cookers etc.

Why should you choose INOVOX as a professional kitchen equipment supplier?

- Talented architects with 15+ years of experience in designing various spaces – from a small cozy pastry to a large restaurant and hotel kitchens to serve a reception party. All kinds of spectacular projects with one thing in common – maximum effectiveness of each centimeter of your space and high productivity of every minute spent in the kitchen;

- A highly skilled team of technical professionals, who provide elegant installation of the kitchen equipment for a smooth and long-lasting operation. Our specialists know every nut of commercial kitchen equipment like the back of their hands. So save your time for more important things instead of worrying about kitchen equipment installation;

- Excellence and certified quality of the professional food service equipment which we offer.  Since 2007 when the company was founded, we`ve selected and tested the best brands of industrial stoves and ovens, commercial refrigerated and freezer cabinets, industrial grills, bar equipment, equipment for food preparation like potato peeling machines, food blenders, salad spinners, meat slicers and all kinds of other industrial kitchen equipment. As a result, it allows us to confidently generate the best solutions adapted to the specific needs of each client;

- For more than 15 years of commercial kitchen project development, we`ve learned about all of the possible challenges that a new restaurant project can face. Our expertise allows us to implement solutions that help launch your business on time and without additional loss.

Buckle up and get ready for take-off! 

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