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Food Preparation

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HLS 1650

Structure made of stainless steel.

Feet and sharpener in aluminium.

Accurate measurement of cutting thickness.

A noise level of less than 70 db.

Equipped with temperate blade of 1650 mm.

SO 1550 CE

Cast metal machine body finished in anodized ans work table in stainless steel.

Motor enclosed in casing with IP 65 protection grade.

Adjustable blade tensioner, portion setter for cuts incorporated.

Suitable model for butchers shops, fishmongers, restaurants, and so on...

Provided with temperated band.

PCE 100-21 KS

Designed for supermarkets and medium sized butcher shop.

Products: meat, meat rolls, pork chops, bacon, roast, sausage, cheese.

VA 802 H, Ø 300

Exceptional gliding properties and consistent, clean cut due to Cera 3 coating and precise guide grooves in the stop, blade cover plate and carriage.


Ideal machine for delicatessen, supermarkets and large size kitchens.

Anticorrosive and anodized aluminium casting construction: sturdy and light weight.

Multygrip belt drive.

Powerful and noiseless motor.

Slice thickness 30 mm.