Ice machine Simag SDE18
  • Ice machine Simag SDE18

Ice machine Simag SDE18

17,5 kg Self-contained Ice Machine

  • Stainless steel bodywork - scotch brite
  • Air or water-cooled
  • Vertical pump
  • Built-in cleaning system
  • Easily accessible components
  • Low power and water consumption
  • Optimum ratio between ice production and bin capacity
  • Reduced dimensions
  • Double defrosting system

Internal bin capacity: 4 kg of ice

Net size WxDxH: 334 x 457 x 554 mm

Voltage: 230/50/1 Standard version

220-240/60/1 Available on demand

Net weight: 28 kg

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Ice machines have many applications in hospitality and food industry:

  • Make ice cubes to serve refreshing drinks during the hottest days and nights in a bar, café or restaurant; 
  • Keep the food chilled at the supermarket counter; 
  • Maintain freshness of the whole, raw fruits or vegetables; cut, raw vegetables such as celery or carrot sticks or cut potatoes. 
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Simag industrial ice makers are built for day-after-day operation in the most demanding conditions. Make clean, fresh, clear ice crystals for refreshing drinks throughout the day or to keep the food chilled during transportation.

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Without a doubt, with this commercial ice machine the highest standards of hygiene are met. Reduce your operating costs due to the highly efficient Simag ice machine.

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High productivity of Simag ice machines combined with optimized size will suit any commercial kitchen. Produce up to 47 kg of perfectly clear, bullet-shaped ice every day with the Simag commercial ice maker.

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Choose air- or water-cooled industrial ice maker depending on your environment. Air-cooled ice machines demonstrate a proven efficiency for cool spaces. Water-cooled ice makers are good choice for hot locations.

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Fast and easy making of the crystal-clear ice cubes is possible with Simag ice machines. Feel confident in serving your clients cold and refreshing drinks with the best ice machine you will probably find. 

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Ice machine is a piece of professional equipment for hospitality industry, which is absolutely irreplaceable for ensuring your guests’ satisfaction with the quality of service in your bar, restaurant, concession stand, café or hotel.

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Make sure you have plenty of fresh ice cubes throughout the day with Simag ice machine. The low power and water consumption of these commercial ice makers make them a cost-effective solution for your enterprise.

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With the Simag commercial ice machine, you will be provided with an excellent solution for delivering hundreds and thousands of bullet-shaped ice cubes a day. Whether you're using the ice for food displays or cocktails, this commercial ice-making machine will work tirelessly to keep up with demand.