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Commercial juicer Zumex Soul Series 2
  • Commercial juicer Zumex Soul Series 2
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Commercial juicer Zumex Soul Series 2

The first smart juicer

This innovative juicer is the first of its kind to offer real-time performance and productivity tracking. You can manage and monitor your business remotely, and enjoy improved machine efficiency, predictive maintenance, and quick error resolution. Plus, it offers customizable settings to meet your specific needs.

With Soul Series 2 Commercial Juicer innovative design and a timeless aesthetic are seamlessly incorporated into a compact and space-efficient package. The Conical System® makes this machine incredibly small yet powerful, with a sleek design that's perfect for trendy cafes and bars. It can squeeze juice at twice the speed of other machines. The addition of our nanotechnology ASP® ensures maximum hygiene by using silver ions to inhibit bacterial growth, providing extra effective and long-lasting protection.

Conical System®

The system moves the fruit until it is perfectly centred to ensure clean accurate cutting, obtaining the maximum amount of juice and flavour from each piece of fruit.

ASP® Antibacterial technology

Food hygiene certified. Our silver ion-based antibacterial technology inhibits the growth of bacteria, ensuring long-lasting, extra-efficient protection.

Make limitless cocktails, mocktails, pastries, dressings, sauces etc. Maximum delicacy to obtain the highest performance from each citrus fruit.

With the Soul Series 2 squeezing kits, you can squeeze any citrus fruit ranging from 42 to 81 mm.

M Kit: small oranges or lemons 64 to 81 mm.

S Kit: lemons, limes, or tangerines 45 to 65 mm.

XS Kit: limes 42 to 52 mm.


Specification Sheet


Dimensions (WDH): 300 x 480 x 537 mm

Fruits per minute:

  • M/S KIT: 18 fruits /min
  • XS KIT: 36 fruits /min

Feeder capacity:

  • 3-6 oranges
  • 7-8 limes

Fruit diameter:

  • M Kit: 64-81 mm
  • S Kit: 45-65 mm
  • XS Kit: 42-52 mm

Energy consumption: 3,4 A | 1,5 A

Power: 100 w | 0,134 HP

Voltage: 100–240 V | 50–60 Hz


  • 0.4-3.4A (100-130VAC)
  • 0.3-1.5A (220-240VAC)

Connectivity: WiFi

Sound pressure level: less than 60 dB

PulpOut System: Automatic pulp and seed removal

Waste removal management: 7 L | 12-14 oranges

Net weight: 32 kg

Juice Kart (WDH): 856 x 580.5 x 939 mm

Cashless unit

Cashless payment method unit. Pay and activate the service automatically. 4 payment methods: contactless (phone or card), chip, magnetic band or MIFARE