Hand mixer & blender combo MB-51
  • Hand mixer & blender combo MB-51

Hand mixer & blender combo MB-51


This is a high-quality hand blender and beater combo that provides versatile performance. The hand blender is designed to accomplish various tasks without requiring additional attachments. Its professional Y-blade, made of durable tempered steel, ensures long-lasting sharpness. The blender features a variable speed control to give you precise control over your blends. It also includes a mixer arm that can handle up to 80 liters of ingredients. Additionally, the beater attachment is capable of beating 2 to 100 egg whites at a time, making it a versatile tool for various baking tasks.


Specification Sheet


Total loading: 570 W

Plug: --

Maximum recipient capacity: 80 l

Maximum working depth: 284.5 mm

vel_tri_min - vel_tri_max: 1500 - 12000 rpm

Blade diameter: 60 mm

Blade guard diameter: 101 mm

Liquidising arm length: 425 mm

Total length: 765 mm

vel_bat_min - vel_bat_max: 200 - 1500 rpm

Capacity (egg whites): 2 - 80

Revolving arm length: 405 mm

Total length (with revolving arm): 746 mm

Net weight: 4.65 Kg

Noise level (1m.): <80 dB(A)

Crated dimensions: 575 x 455 x 130 mm

Gross weight: 6.3 Kg

Default equipment
  • Variable speed motor block.
  • MA-51 mixer arm.
  • Whisk BA-50.
  • Wall mount.
Optional equipment

MA-52 mixer arm.