Gas Stove Junex 9401/3
  • Gas Stove Junex 9401/3
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Gas Stove Junex 9401/3

  • Front and side panels made of AISI 304 18/10 stainless steel allow increased durability, robustness, reliability and ease of cleaning;
  • Work table, control panel, drip pans, chimney, cleaning tray, oven door and runners in AISI 304 stainless steel;
  • Burners with double crown in brass, fully equipped with thermocouple safety valves;
  • Height-adjustable stainless steel feet, easily replaceable by wheels;
  • New profile design on the control panel, prevents spilling of fats and liquids onto the handles;
  • Robust cast iron grates;
  • Thanks to the existence of drip pans and a tray for collecting grease, which covers the entire work area, it is extremely simple to keep the stove in good hygienic conditions;
  • Natural convection oven with enamelled interior, equipped with an enamelled grill provided;
  • Ergonomic stainless steel oven handle;
  • Possibility of using GN 2/1 and GN 1/1 trays;
  • Models prepared to operate on Butane (G30)/Propane (G37) and Natural (G20) gas, with injectors for modification according to standards;
  • Equipment built and certified with CE marking.

Supply: Butane / Propane Gas

Dimensions (HxWxD mm): 850x800x900


Power - kW 4,5 6,0 8,0
Quantity 1 2 1
Front location x x
Posterior location x
Diameter - ø (mm) 96,0 96,0 120,0

Total consumption G30/G31 (Kg/h): 2,433

Internal dimensions of the oven (HxWxD mm): 380x514x670

Oven volume (lt): 130

Oven power (kW): 1 x 6.5

Net Weight (Kg): 133

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